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No need for fear and loathing at Caley Thistle

The late Hunter S Thompson, while lamenting the end of the 1960s drug scene, once said: ‘you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost… Continue Reading →

Chippy Hero #2: Eugene ‘Who’s the Dadi?’

Eugene Dadi. A man who flirted with Scottish football for just two seasons, yet one that many will remember in some way or another, particularly those connected with Aberdeen and Livingston. A man who had a penchant for the sublime,… Continue Reading →

Chippy Hero #1: Marius Niculae

To earn the mantle of ‘Chippy Hero’, a strict set of criterion must be met. That is, the player in question must have a suitably bizarre back-story, a taste for controversy and generally exhibit a certain je ne sais quoi… Continue Reading →

Spin City: Scottish football clubs perfect the art of making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear

The January transfer window is a time of great excitement, full of money, intrigue and drama. If you live in England. North of the Border, the reality is a little different. In last year’s instalment, Celtic’s canny signing of Erik… Continue Reading →

Review: Forever Pure shines a beautiful light on the ugly side of Israeli football

“Here we are, the most racist team in the country”. So goes the favourite ditty of fans of Beitar Jerusalem, the subject of the engaging BBC Storyville documentary Forever Pure. Israel’s most popular team, Beitar is considered to be the… Continue Reading →

Scottish football is rebelling against the bore of modern stadia

In an era where shiny new flat-pack stadiums are being hastily erected across England and the rest of Europe, Scotland has remained steadfast in its commitment to traditional, unconventional and often bizarre football grounds. This stand against mundanity and modernity is… Continue Reading →

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