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Déja Blue: can lightning strike twice for sorry Stranraer?

Bottom of the league. Fans questioning the manager’s position. Criticism over the style of play. Welcome to January 2017, Stranraer FC style. Supporters of the Blues, however, have seen this movie before. In fact, January 2017 looks startlingly similar to… Continue Reading →

So, how was it for you? Putting the romance back into the League Cup.

The League Cup. Was there ever a less thrilling three-word phrase? For some time now, Scottish football’s relationship with its third major trophy has not so much resembled a love affair as a stale marriage. Sure, there were some high… Continue Reading →

Altoholic lets you keep up with everything about all your alts

He was recommended basically because the dentist was trying to make things easy for me and looked up orthodontists in my litle town and came up with our current ortho doc. Basically, our 12 y/o daughter has very teeth she… Continue Reading →

He was my best friend from High School ( Palmer

So I popped him.As for Caleb, I can see why he would take it. I can also see why Fjord would stop him. I don think either of them were in the wrong necessarily.He a wizard so he looking for… Continue Reading →

The tuning application, for instance, is an example of band

Anecdotally, the broom served another purpose during periods of persecution. Witches and other magic practitioners would disguise their wands as broom sticks to avoid suspicion. This broom is a great costume item and we hope you like them, but please… Continue Reading →

In this, the reader can chunk unfamiliar words

While it tempting to play panzer heavy, here something to think of: Historically, when Germany invades the Soviet Union in 1941 Tankini Swimwear, 100 of the 159 divisions in the Wehrmacht are infantry while 19 divisions are panzer divisions. There… Continue Reading →

It breaks my heart that you describe your relationship with

I may come across as overreacting but please consider my comment as this comes from someone who had a damaged relationship with her parents as a child, carried her guilt well into adulthood, and still struggling to overcome. It breaks… Continue Reading →

Then they revised their warranty terms to 2 years

The knockouts begin. The defending champions India are shown the door by England in a nail biter. The mouthy send offs to two England players spark comments on Twitter and in the media box about the behaviour of the Indian… Continue Reading →

240, 7 HRs, 42 RBis in 324 ABs) and 37 year old Stan Javier (

I’m a baby undergrad anthropology student in Bellingham, WA. I’ve seen a few artifacts like this in class! I remember a very beautiful local adze head from my archaeology class made of this same material that was also ground. I’d… Continue Reading →

nike dunk boots 3887el

adidas nmd clearance nike air force 1 lebron nike air max lunar 90 c.30 nike dunk sb nike lebron commercial coming home nike lebron retro nike sb hemp nike sb jordan 1 nike shoes under 30 dollars nike shoes with… Continue Reading →

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